The best wedding photographers across Canada as determined by the Canadian Wedding Photography Awards. From Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City and everywhere in between, these talented professionals capture love stories with passion and artistry.

Best Wedding Photographer Winnipeg
Photo Credit: Cody Goetz
  1. Cody Goetz - Winnipeg Wedding Photographer

    Cody Goetz, an exceptionally talented wedding photographer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, brings a deep focus on capturing the unique bond between couples rather than just snapping pictures. His approach blends video documentary style with photography to authentically document the meaningful moments that define your relationship as you embark on your lifelong journey together making him one of the best wedding photographers in Winnipeg.
Best Wedding Photographer Calgary
  1. Todd Kwiczak - Calgary Wedding Photographer

    Todd Kwiczak of Tkshotz Productions is an award-winning wedding photographer based in Calgary, Banff, and Canmore, Alberta. Specializing in affordable wedding photography, he strives to capture your celebration with a focus on light, connection, and storytelling since 2007 making him one of the best wedding photographers in Calgary, Banff, and Canmore.
Best Wedding Photographer Winnipeg
  1. Kiandra Jeffery - Winnipeg Wedding Photographer

    Kiandra Jeffery, a Winnipeg-based wedding photographer, specializes in capturing candid, relaxed moments that reflect the true essence of your special day. With a passion for storytelling and a global portfolio, Kiandra creates a comfortable and personalized experience to beautifully document the emotions and unique love shared on your wedding day making her one of the best wedding photographers in Winnipeg.
Best Wedding Photographer Quebec
  1. Rabih Madi - Montreal Wedding Photographer

    Rabih Madi, the creative force behind Madi Photography, is a world-renowned wedding photographer based in Montreal, Quebec. With a passion for capturing love stories and a unique eye for detail, making Rabih one of the best wedding photographers in Montreal.
Best Wedding Photographer Vancouver
  1. Olivier Lefebvre - Vancouver Wedding Photographer

    Olivier Lefebvre based in Vancouver, BC, leads Twinography Studio, where innovative artistry meets wedding photography. As an artist rather than mere photographer, he thrives on pushing boundaries and creating truly unique and bold images that authentically reflect the beauty of your relationship. He aims to capture candid moments as they unfold, ensuring each photo tells a genuine story and provides an unforgettable experience for his clients making him one of the best wedding photographers in Vancouver.
Best Wedding Photographer Kelowna
  1. Bobbi Barbarich - Kelowna Wedding Photographer

    Bobbi Barbarich, based in Kelowna, BC, specializes in candid and honest photography that captures the joy of human connection for unbridled spirits. With internationally award-winning documentary wedding photography, Bobbi creates magically imperfect photos that evoke genuine emotions and preserve the unforgettable celebration of your wedding—the first day of your marriage—surrounded by your closest loved ones making her one of the best wedding photographers in Kelowna.
Best Wedding Photographer Quebec
  1. Love Is Nord - Quebec Wedding Photographers

    Josée & Patrick of Love is Nord are a husband and wife duo specializing in intimate wedding and elopement photography in Quebec City, Quebec. Their earthy, intimate photography style captures moments with a moody yet luminous vibe, emphasizing nature as the ultimate storyteller and highlighting the genuine connection between couples through meaningful, emotional, and joy-filled moments making them one of the best wedding photographers in Quebec.
Best Wedding Photographers Edmonton
  1. Buffy Goodman - Edmonton Wedding Photographer

    Buffy Goodman, an Edmonton-based wedding photographer rooted in photojournalism, brings a unique blend of inclusivity, intuition, honesty, spontaneity, and joy to her photography. Buffy's style is feeling-centric, joyful, colorful, and warm-hearted, capturing genuine moments with a Buff-tastic touch that resonates with those seeking an inclusive and magical wedding photography experience making her one of the best wedding photographers in Edmonton.
Best Wedding Photographer Toronto
  1. Brianne Daigle - Toronto Wedding Photographer

    Brianne Daigle, a wedding photographer based in Toronto, is passionate about documenting memories and feelings as they unfold. She blends an unguided, documentary style with planned, composed shots, knowing when to lean into each approach to capture the essence of the moment. Dedicated to her craft, Brianne will even brave spider webs to ensure she captures meaningful images.

Best Wedding Photographer Edmonton
  1. Lauren Hannah Garcia - Edmonton Wedding Photographer

    Lauren Hannah, an Edmonton-based wedding photographer with 15 years of experience, specializes in capturing beautiful moments that reflect the unique connections and joy of your wedding day. From heartfelt emotions to lively dance moves, Lauren's goal is to document the beauty and essence of your special day, ensuring the photographs convey the true feelings and memories of your celebration making her one of the best wedding photographers in Edmonton.
Best Wedding Photographer Winnipeg
  1. Curtis Moore - Winnipeg Wedding Photographer

    Curtis Moore, founder of Moore Photography based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, brings a cinematic approach to wedding photography, inspired by a lifelong passion for storytelling nurtured through film school. With roots in Saskatchewan and Alberta, Curtis captures the essence of weddings with a creative eye and deep appreciation for narrative, ensuring each photograph tells a compelling and unique story of your special day making him one of the best wedding photographers in Winnipeg.
Best Wedding Photographer Vancouver
  1. Tyler Meers - Terrace BC Wedding Photographer

    Tyler Meers, a fine art wedding photographer based in Terrace, B.C., captures the fleeting yet resonant moments from the rugged rainforests of Haida Gwaii to the urban beauty of Vancouver. His passion lies in working with couples, finding it an honour to share in their happiest day and providing them with beautiful, unique, and stylish images. Tyler’s goal is to create photographs that charge the soul and stand the test of time.

Best Wedding Photographer Halifax
  1. Shaina Sterrett - Halifax Wedding Photographer

    Shaina Sterrett, a Halifax-based wedding and elopement photographer, offers timeless and romantic imagery that captures honest, unscripted moments. Specializing in documentary and editorial styles, Shaina's photography is perfect for free-spirited couples seeking laid-back, earthy, and filmy aesthetics. Whether in the mountains, on a beach, in a forest, or at a meaningful location, Shaina is dedicated to helping you plan and capture beautiful memories that you and your loved ones will cherish forever making her one of the best wedding photographers in Nova Scotia.
Best Wedding Photographer Toronto
  1. Thoman Campean - Toronto Wedding Photographer

    Thomas Campean, a wedding photographer based in Toronto, Ontario, epitomizes documentary wedding photography. With a background in photojournalism that spans the globe, Thomas captures raw emotions with an artistic vision, blending his experiences into every shot. Originating from Transylvania, Romania, and having worked for esteemed publications like The Times and The Guardian, Thomas brings a unique perspective to weddings, focusing on candid moments and genuine interactions to create timeless treasures.

Best Wedding Photographer Vancouver
  1. Margré Boer - BC Wedding Photographer

    Margré Boer, founder of Ember Photography based in Agassiz, BC, specializes in capturing authentic and adventurous weddings and lifestyle moments. With a passion for connection and a focus on intimate elopements and love-filled gatherings, Margré's photography embodies genuine experiences and cherished memories that reflect your unique story making her one of the best wedding photographers in British Columbia.
Best Wedding Photographer Calgary
  1. Ashley & Jeff Williams - Calgary Wedding Photographer

    Ashley and Jeff Williams, a Calgary-based husband-and-wife wedding photography duo, capture life’s beautiful adventures with the stunning Rocky Mountains as their backdrop. With over a decade of experience, they focus on authenticity and personalized attention, ensuring each couple’s unique love story is beautifully documented in colorful and timeless imagery.

Best Wedding Photographer Quebec
  1. Nathalie McAuley - Quebec Wedding Photographer

    Nathalie McAuley, a seasoned wedding photographer based in North Hatley, Quebec, brings over a decade of experience to capture every compelling and timeless moment of your special day. With a keen eye for anticipating key moments and a dedication to understanding your unique personalities and relationship dynamics, Nathalie blends into the background while authentically documenting the joy, love, and emotions that unfold throughout your wedding celebration. Her role goes beyond photography; she becomes a trusted confidante on your journey, ensuring no moment is missed from the nervous excitement of getting ready to the heartfelt vows and lively dance floor celebrations making her one of the best wedding photographers in Quebec.
Best Wedding Photographer Montreal
  1. Frederick Brault - Montreal Wedding Photographer

    Frederick Brault, the passionate Montreal-based wedding photographer behind Brophoto, brings a unique perspective shaped by his background as a ginger, former landscape architect, father of three, and lover of extensive travels and nature treks. With a genuine passion for capturing love and special moments, Frederick's enthusiasm and diverse interests ensure a fun and memorable experience while creating beautiful souvenirs that reflect your unique love story making him one of the best wedding photographers in Montreal.
Best Wedding Photographer Whistler
  1. The Whistler Wedding Collective - Whistler Wedding Photographer

    The Whistler Wedding Collective, based in Whistler, BC, is a group of exceptionally talented photographers led by Owner and Lead Photographer Alyssa Courtney. With extensive experience in the Sea to Sky Corridor and beyond, they ensure clients feel at ease, capturing them naturally and comfortably on their special day. By expertly managing light, angles, and perspective, they alleviate nerves and pressure, allowing couples to be fully present and enjoy their once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Best Wedding Photographer Toronto
  1. Jesse DN Ta - Toronto Wedding Photographer

    Jesse Ta, your go-to photographer in Toronto, Ontario, specializes in capturing the beauty of love and kinship through weddings, family, and newborn photography. With a passion for creating unique and heartfelt masterpieces, Jesse ensures your experience is seamless from start to finish, delivering stunning snapshots brimming with meaning that you'll cherish forever. As a nature enthusiast, family guy, dog parent, and perpetual student of life, Jesse brings a personal touch and continuous growth to every photographic journey making him one of the best wedding photographers in Toronto.
Best Wedding Photographer Winnipeg
Photo Credit: Jheike Fabian
  1. Jheike Fabian - Winnipeg Wedding Photographer

    Jheike Fabian, a freelance photographer based in Winnipeg, is a dog dad, dance lover, and registered nurse who thrives on capturing genuine human connections and diverse creative atmospheres. With a passport ready for worldwide adventures, Jheike specializes in portraits, fashion, lifestyle, and wedding photography. His moody, candid, and romantic style delivers photographs that reflect unique stories and foster deep connections to the memories they portray.

Best Wedding Photographer Calgary
  1. Jessie Bigler - Calgary Wedding Photographer

    Jessie Bigler, founder of Jesse Rae Films in Calgary, Alberta, combines photography and videography to passionately document life's beautiful moments. With a lifelong passion for storytelling through the lens, Jessie brings a joyful and lighthearted approach to capturing weddings, becoming emotionally invested in each couple's unique story and forming genuine connections that feel like old friends making her one of the best wedding photographers in Calgary.
Best Wedding Photographer Winnipeg
  1. Lindsay Rowan - Winnipeg Wedding Photographer

    Lindsay Rowan, proudly Métis and hailing from a small town outside of Winnipeg, discovered her passion for art and photography at a young age. Receiving her first camera at 13, she pursued this passion to earn a formal education in Professional Photography from Red River College in 2012. Specializing in weddings and various photography sessions within Winnipeg and beyond, Lindsay loves capturing life's beauty and the smiles on her clients' faces when they see their finished photos.

Best Wedding Photographers Edmonton
  1. Kelsey Kingsnorth - Edmonton Wedding Photographer

    Kelsey Kingsnorth, an Edmonton-based wedding photographer, specializes in creating a relaxed and enjoyable photography experience for couples who may feel awkward in front of the camera. Focusing on weddings, elopements, and couples, Kelsey captures genuine moments and good vibes, ensuring each session is as fun and comfortable as possible.

Best Wedding Photographer Winnipeg
Photo Credit: Christopher Ngo
  1. Christopher Ngo - Winnipeg Wedding Photographer

    Christopher Ngo is a wedding photographer based in Winnipeg, known for his blend of natural and flash photography styles. His journey began with a passion for capturing better photos during travels with his wife, Miranda, and he has since found fulfillment in documenting joyful wedding celebrations.

Best Wedding Photographer Toronto
  1. Frances Morency - Toronto Wedding Photographer

    Frances Morency, a Meaford-based wedding photographer serving Collingwood, Toronto, Cambridge, Barrie, and beyond, specializes in journalistic-style storytelling that captures the meaningful moments of your wedding day. With a focus on emotional and compelling imagery, Frances aims to authentically document the relationships you share with your partner, family, and friends, ensuring minimal guiding or posing to preserve genuine interactions and create beautiful, natural images that reflect your unique connections making her one of the best wedding photographers in the Toronto area.
Best Wedding Photographer Calgary
  1. SV Photograph - Alberta Wedding Photographer

    Samuel and Virginie of SV Photograph, a husband and wife team based in Lethbridge, Alberta, bring two decades of photography expertise honed in France and across the globe. Specializing in destination photography within Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, French Polynesia, and New Zealand, Samuel and Virginie capture timeless images infused with their rich experience and passion for travel and storytelling making them one of the best wedding photographers in Alberta.
Best Wedding Photographer Montreal
  1. Jessica Ford - Montreal Wedding Photographer

    Jessica Ford is a dedicated storyteller and wedding photographer based in the picturesque Eastern Townships. As a mother of three and a dog lover, she treasures life's simplicity and captures life's precious moments with timeless images. With over a decade of marriage, Jessica ensures every radiant glow, pure laughter, and heartfelt joy is beautifully preserved for a lifetime.

Canada boasts an impressive array of talented wedding photographers spanning from coast to coast. Each photographer showcased here brings a unique style, passion, and expertise to capturing love stories and special moments. Whether you're planning a wedding in Calgary, Montreal, Winnipeg, or any other Canadian city, you can trust these professionals to document your special day with creativity, authenticity, and skill. Explore their portfolios, connect with their individual approaches, and discover the perfect photographer to bring your wedding vision to life. With these exceptional artists behind the lens, your wedding memories are sure to be beautifully preserved for years to come.