Winnipeg Wedding Photographer Christopher Ngo
Christopher Ngo

Christopher Ngo's journey into wedding photography began like many others', with a simple desire to capture better photos. Purchasing a camera to document his travels with his wife Miranda, Chris initially ventured into photography as a hobby. However, as he began to share his work on social media, requests for wedding shoots started coming in, and he found himself drawn into the world of wedding photography.

Despite a shaky start with his first wedding shoot, Chris soon realized the unique appeal of photographing weddings. Coming from a high-stress career in nursing, where he often witnessed people on their worst days, capturing weddings allowed him to experience the joy and celebration of couples on their happiest day. This contrast resonated with Chris, providing a fulfilling and exciting outlet for his creative energy.

Winnipeg Wedding Photographer Christopher Ngo

Over the years, Chris has developed a distinct photography style characterized by a mix of natural and flash photography, aiming for images that are both natural and timeless. He finds inspiration from fellow photographers, YouTube creators, and various online resources, constantly seeking to improve his craft and stay creatively engaged.

Balancing his photography career with his nursing job and family life, including his young daughter, presents its challenges. However, Chris remains committed to finding a balance that allows him to pursue his passion for photography while fulfilling his responsibilities at home and work. Looking to the future, Chris is open to the possibility of transitioning to photography full-time if he can match his current nursing salary, although he acknowledges the uncertainties and decisions that lie ahead.

Overall, Chris Ngo's journey into wedding photography highlights the blend of passion, perseverance, and adaptability required to succeed in a dynamic and competitive industry. With a keen eye for capturing genuine moments and a dedication to continuous improvement, Chris continues to make his mark as a talented and sought-after wedding photographer in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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Winnipeg Wedding Photographer Christopher Ngo

Written by Canadian Wedding Photographers founder Joel Boily