Winnipeg Wedding Photographer Tiara Loewen

Meet Winnipeg wedding photographer Tiara Loewen.  Tiara‚Äôs journey as a wedding photographer began with a high school passion for photography. Her foundation was laid at TecVoc, a vocational school in Winnipeg that is known for having an exceptional photography program, where she delved into the intricacies of film photography and studio portraiture. However, her aspirations initially veered towards commercial and fashion photography, far from the realm of weddings.

Winnipeg Wedding Photographer Tiara Loewen

It was a twist of fate when a popular local wedding photographer sought an assistant through Tiara's teacher. This opportunity led Tiara into the world of weddings, where she discovered a profound love for capturing the essence of love stories. Despite her initial reservations, she found herself drawn to the emotions, energy, and raw moments that unfolded during weddings.

Since her inaugural wedding in 2008, Tiara has been on a continuous journey of growth and evolution. With an average of 15 weddings a year, Tiara balances her passion with a part-time job in IT marketing, allowing her the freedom to pursue her artistic vision without compromise.

Tiara's approach to photography transcends labels and categories. While she admires the purity of documentary photography, she finds herself drawn to the editorial aspect of storytelling. Her philosophy revolves around being more than just an observer; she actively engages with couples, offering guidance and assistance when needed, creating a seamless blend of candid moments and curated shots.

Reflecting on her journey, Tiara acknowledges the fluidity of her style and the importance of authenticity. She embraces the imperfections of each moment, rejecting the notion of forcing a predetermined aesthetic onto her work. Instead, she allows the narrative of each wedding to unfold naturally, capturing the genuine emotions and unique essence of each couple's love story.

Beyond photography, Tiara finds joy in exploring new cuisines, savoring well-crafted cocktails, and spending time with her husband. Her love for adventure extends to destination weddings, with highlights including a memorable trip to Sydney, Australia, to capture the magic of love in distant lands.

As Tiara continues her journey, she remains committed to her craft, seeking to expand her horizons while staying true to her core values of kindness, candour, and genuine connection.  With an open heart and camera in hand, she looks forward to photographing many more weddings to come.

Website: Tiara Loewen Photography

Instagram: @tiaranicolephotography

Winnipeg Wedding Photographer Tiara Loewen